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Hiatt Middle School Student Musicians Perform in All-City Concert


Hiatt Middle School student musicians were chosen to participate in a city-wide concert in March. The performance featured a chorus, band and orchestra. Click on the headline to read more about this special night!

Students and Staff from Amos Hiatt Middle School visit the ARL

Amos Hiatt “Litter”ary Club


Amos Hiatt Middle School is proud to announce a new reading group called The Amos Hiatt “Litter”ary Club. Students visit the Animal Rescue League of Iowa twice a month to read to the animals.


Tutoring Available for Hiatt Students


As a Title I school, our students may qualify for tutoring services at no cost to their family. To be eligible, students must also be approved for free/reduced-price lunch, and not have received tutoring services during the first semester of this school year. To learn more, simply click the headline above.


Amos Hiatt Times


First ever – a School newspaper at Amos Hiatt Middle School. Please welcome the Amos Hiatt Times. This paper will be published quarterly. Both students and staff share their writings about the happenings amongst the halls of Amos Hiatt Middle School.

food drive

1st Assembly food drive


Students ran a food drive to help support the needs of 1st Assembly Church. We were able to give our partner church over 1400 items of goods to help the needy.


Optimist Youth Appreciation Luncheon


Two students, Angelina Wilkerson and Israel Jimenez are honored at the Optimist Youth Appreciation Luncheon for their work and support in their communities!

Upcoming Events

Apr 29
Science Bound Family Picnic
Jun 23
Science Bound Learn and Earn

1430 East University Avenue
P: 515-242-7774 | F: 515-266-6390

Bulletin Board

Just another reminder about a great opportunity that will start this coming Monday, October 28th

Attached, please find a flyer for a culturally specific parenting program designed for parents/caregivers of youth ages 10 – 14.  This program is a seven (7) week session where parents/caregivers along with their child/children ages 10 – 14 meet once a week for two (2) hours over a seven week period.  There are lots of inter-active activities designed for youth who will meet with facilitators for the first hour separate from their parents/caregivers, as the parents will also take part in a variety of discussions and activities with another set of facilitators. The second hour brings the youth and their parents/caregivers together for discussion and lots of fun, topic specific, inter-active activities that will help foster communication between parents and youth. The overall goals of this SAAF (Strong African American Families) program are to:

•             Help parents/caregivers build nurturing skills that support their youth

•             Strengthen parents’caregivers’ skills for disciplining and guiding their youth effectively

•             Promote youth’s self-pride and a healthy future orientation

•             Teach youth skills for dealing with temptation and peer pressure

•             Enhance racial pride in parents/caregivers and youth

This class is being taught by five certified trainers who are also certified in the Effective Black Parenting curriculum.

This program is free.  Meals and attendance incentives will be provided. Childcare will be available.  Space is limited, so please help get the word out to families you know who may benefit from this program.  These sessions will be held at New Life Center beginning Monday, October 28th.  You can have families contact Cynthia Hunafa at or at (515)244-4003, ext. 117, to sign up.

Free Tutoring
Education Brain Trust African American Leadership Forum is hosting a tutoring program at the DMACC Urban Campus. There will teachers tutoring in math, science, writing and reading. There is NO CHARGE!! To register, call Paulette Wiley at 515-867-6189. Don’t wait- space is limited!

Watch Dogs
The WATCH D.O.G.S. program was inspired by a school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1998 but it does not pretend to be a deterrent to an act so monstrous that it defies comprehension. The WATCH D.O.G.S. program stands as a testimony to the millions of moms and dads and educators that form partnerships within their communities, and across this great country of ours, in order to provide the very best educational environment possible for all of our nation’s children. For more information or to volunteer call the office at Hiatt: 515.242.7774

New Vaccine for the 2013-2014 School Year
Effective January 16, 2013, Iowa law requires that all students entering 7th grade receive a one-time booster of the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine. This change is being implemented at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. If your child already received the vaccine, parents will simply need to provide documentation to the school nurse. For more information about the Tdap vaccine, click here. Please feel free to contact Hiatt’s nurse, Kristin Bakke at 242-7774 if you have any questions or concerns.

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