Over the past few years Hiatt Middle School has enjoyed unprecedented success in terms of student discipline and supportive administrators. To further these efforts, Hiatt adopted a uniform dress code for its students starting in 2009. While this institution historically had a less-than-stellar reputation, Amos Hiatt Middle School has made significant changes with their policies, administration, and student behavior and (more importantly) have the positive results to prove it.

The addition of school uniforms (which consist of polo shirts and khaki shorts/shirts/pants) to this environment gets met with mixed emotions. The reasoning behind the policy is three fold. Although middle school students are at the age when they start defining themselves partially by their appearance (i.e. clothing style) and removing that sense of “individuality” may not sit well with some, this will allow educators to reinforce the notion that a person is not defined solely by their appearance. This is certainly a concept students should learn as early as possible. The dress code policy also is designed to take pressure off of students to “keep up with the latest trends” which can place a financial hardship on families. By everyone wearing the same outfit, parents and students do not have to worry about students “fitting in” with their clothing. The last and most important benefit is school safety. Any person without a uniform is easily detected and can be immediately directed to the main office. The dress code also reduces the issue of certain colors or jewelry styles having negative meanings. When students arrive at school, they are professional looking and ready for learning.

Clear communication and defining expectations to parents, students, and community have proven successful at Amos Hiatt Middle School.

Acceptable Student Clothing Options

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Dress Code Violations
Tops Navy Blue Polo

Undershirts (long- or short-sleeve) when worn, must be a solid color with no markings or logos.  Hoodies are not acceptable undershirts.

Any of the official school shirts Any of the official school shirts NO:

·         Top that is not an official school shirt

·         Defacing of school shirts

·         Destruction of school shirts

·         Hoodies

Bottoms Khaki or brown pants or capris
Any solid colored belt may be worn and has to stay within the belt loops.
Khaki/Brown Plain, solid-colored and sized to fit.  No more than one size larger than the student’s size. Waist of pants, capris must be worn at students’ waist. NO:

·         Yoga pants or stretch pants

·         Designs or patterns (plaid, print, floral, checkered, camouflage, or striped)

·         Writing, messages, logos or insignias

·         Visible undergarments

·         Cut, torn or frayed pants

Cooler Bottoms Shorts, skirts, skorts

If leggings or tights are worn, they must be white or black and worn beneath shorts or skirts.

Khaki/Brown Plain, solid-colored, and sized to fit.  No more than one size larger than the student’s size and must be no more than 3 inches above the knee. Waist of shorts, skirt or skort must be worn at the student’s waist. NO:

·         Designs or patterns (plaid, print, floral, checkered, or striped)

·         Writing, messages, logos or insignias

·         Visible undergarments

·         Cut, torn or frayed pants

Shoes Lace-up shoes or sandals.  Students should have appropriate shoes available for PE class. Any color Must be safe and appropriate for weather and other conditions.  Must be appropriate for daily school activity. NO:

·         slippers

·         mismatched shoes

·         mismatched laces

Jewelry Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches.  Jewelry worn around the neck must be tucked under shirt or sweatshirt. Not applicable Not applicable NO:

·         spiked jewelry

·         obscene jewelry

·         no wallet chains

·         jewelry that is disruptive to the educational process

·         jewelry that could endanger students

·         no rubber bands or crazy bands

Coats, Hats, Bandanas, Scarves & Sunglasses Are not allowed to be worn in the building Not applicable Any headband or hair tie should be no more than 1 inch in width. NO:

·         wearing of coats, hats, bandanas, scarves, or sunglasses

·         No coats or jackets in classrooms