Untitled-1Amos Hiatt Sports

Hiatt Students have the opportunity to participate in various Athletics provided they meet the following criteria.

1. Parents / Guardian must complete the online athletic registration here.

2. Student must have an Updated Physical on file with the School Nurse.

3. Participation Fee Paid: $15


Read the Heads Up Concussion Document Here:



Heads Up Concussion Document


Contact Hiatt Athletics Department:

Activities Director: Jacob Burke



Start & End Dates:

8th Grade Tackle Football:  August 24- October 19th

7th & 8th Grade Volleyball:  August 24- October 12th

7th & 8th Grade Cross Country:  August 24- October 13th

7th & 8th Grade Girls Swimming: October 20th – December 2nd

8th Grade Girls Basketball: October 14th – December 4th

7th & 8th Grade Wrestling: October 20th – December 19th

8th Grade Boys Basketball: January 5th – February 26th

7th & 8th Grade Boys Swimming: January 5th – February 10th

7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls Track:  March 4- April 26th

7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls Soccer:  April 15- May 20th