8th Grade Football

 Head Coach: Marty Simpson



We are excited to have your child participating in 8th grade football. Thank you for your support in our program and child.

The following are important details concerning 8th grade football:
– It is important athletes eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. This helps with the body adjusting to physical activity, having energy throughout the day and to stay focused during schoo



– All Participants need to have a current physical on file with the school nurse and appropriate forms completed and turned in to play.

– Practice begins at 3:15 and ends at 5:30. Please make sure your child is picked up at 5:30. Coaches will not give rides home.
– Players will be bused to Amos Hiatt to change and we will walk over to East as a team to practice. We will them walk back to Amos Hiatt to change and be picked up.

– Should your athlete get injured, we have access to a trainer at our practices. The trainer will also be at football games. You can take your athlete to Pysiotherapy Associates for a free injury assessment (450 Laurel Street Des Moines, IA) or to your family doctor. Athletes must have a signed doctor’s not clearing them to play.
– Please talk to the coaches after practice and after games. We will be busy preparing the kid for practice and games before hand.
– We will stress great character and academics with the team. This is first! Students should deal with a school issue (detention, getting help, etc.) first, then come to practice. Just let us know.

Game Day Information:
On game days our players will take the bus from their school to Amos Hiatt just like if they were coming to practice.

From Amos Hiatt – if there is an away game – we will then take buses to the away game stadium. We will have both teams there when the first game starts – the team not playing will sit in the stands waiting there turn. After the first team completes its game, if parents want to take their player home, they will need to see coach and take ONLY their child home unless we have communication from another players parent agreeing to let you bring their player home.

If the player stays to watch the second game (which we hope happens if possible) – players staying will need parental supervision. The coaches then will take both teams back to Amos Hiatt after both games have been completed. After we arrive at Amos Hiatt we need to all players to be picked up after we arrive that night.

If it is a HOME GAME, the players who played first are welcome to stay with a parent to watch the second game or go home after they are finished with their game.

Since the players will be coming straight to Amos Hiatt after school it would be a great idea to bring a sack dinner so the players are not hungry during the game that night. A sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and water or sports drink would be an excellent meal choice. No soda or chips please.

Please remember to keep all cheering and comments positive.

Please email or call: PH: 242-7774
Eddi Sauls PH: 681-7856