Science Bound

Science Bound is Iowa State University’s premier pre-college program aimed to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students who pursue ASTEM (agricultural, scientific, technical, engineering and mathematics) degrees. The program draws students with potential from middle and high schools in Des Moines, Denison and Marshalltown, Iowa.

Students are invited to participate during the end of their 7th grade year If space is available, some students are also invited to participate the first semester of their freshman year.

Preparatory participants must meet program requirements, including satisfactory completion of a science fair project and a quality essay that demonstrates a desire to give to, and learn from, Science Bound. High school participants must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0, participate in 75% of the program activities, and present a satisfactory oral justification yearly for continuation.

Sponsors: Jeff Burns and Natalie Francis

Advanced Learning Placement

Jeff Burns