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Hiatt students have a variety of clubs to chose from before and after school. Our goal is to give opportunities for growth past the classroom.


Hiatt Clubs

Art Club: Everyone is welcome to this club as long as they have a passion for art! There is no need for artistic “talent” or “skill”. The purpose of this club is to create art for the school and the community.


Astronomy Club: This club is intended to provide a place for students to share their knowledge on space-related topics and to discuss current events in space exploration with other like-minded students.


Chess Club: Whether you are a master or just learning the moves, check out Chess Club. The goal is to learn and to have fun. Play pick-up games at our weekly meetings.


Cinema Club: The point of the club is not simply to get together to watch movies. We also like to analyze and critique each film. We try to feature films that are renowned for something specific.


Environmental Club: Environmental Club is for any student interested in learning about the environment and participating in service activities related to environmental issues.


Fantasy Football and Fantasy Sports Club: This club would focus on arranging fantasy football, basketball, and baseball leagues and teams.


Robotics Club: This club will give students the opportunity to work together to build various robots and remote controlled vehicles while learning about computer programming, electronics, and engineering.


Young Aviators Club: Want to learn to fly a plane? This club is dedicated to those interested in flight. Build remote control planes and drones, and learn to fly on a real flight simulator.


Investment Club: This club will engage in real world simulation activities that have to do with investing “fake” money into the stock market and see how it would play out in real life.


Poetry Club: In this club, members share our poems, learn about the importance of poetry, and help each other make our writing better.


Puzzle Club: This club will meet to solve puzzles, discuss puzzle strategies and tactics.


Speech and Debate Club: The debate team is a student activity designed to provide students with an intellectual challenge as well as to develop their communication and social skills. You will get to compete against other schools at two events.


Fisherman Club: The purpose of this club is to bring people together through a hobby of similar interest.  We would like to teach people about fish and how to catch them as well as their habits and patterns.


Medical Club: Medical Club offers an opportunity to medically inclined students to gain a view into the medical world, medical topics, and the science behind medicine.


Hurricane Fitness Club: Learn about health and fitness while playing various sports after school. Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, and more!


Gaming Club: Explore the world of video games through play and analysis. Learn about video game design and careers.


Hurricane Media Club: This club offers you a chance to learn about sound systems, microphones, cameras, video recording and lighting around School, including assemblies, sports events, interviews, news, and creating informational videos. You will also learn about website design and programming.


Hiatt Enterprises: Learn about running a business as you assist with running concession stands at sporting events. Purchase supplies, pricing, and managing accounts.


Hurricane News Team: In conjunction with Hurricane Media – This club is responsible for producing a morning news program, which will be periodically broadcasted to the entire school. The club is open to 6h, 7th, and 8th graders, but club size is limited. A selection process is used.


Etiquette Club: The Etiquette Club offers students opportunities to learn how to make a great first impression and confidently deal with situations that require social skills. Some of the topics covered include proper introductions, polite conversation, table manners, restaurant rules, setting the table, thank you notes, host and guest skills, and much more.


Multicultural Club: This club is for sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders who are interested in learning about the diversity of Hiatt Middle School as well as the different cultures of our country and world.  The club is in charge of decorating for various holidays and informing the student body of important cultural issues throughout the year.  Members of the club build friendships through learning and working together.


Sign Language Club: This club provides students an opportunity to learn American Sign Language. From the alphabet (finger spelling) to conversational phrases, students study ways to communicate with the hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals.  An appreciation of deaf culture is acquired as we learn to communicate using our hands and facial expressions.  From the beginner to advanced signer, all are invited!


Cooking Club: Calling All Future Chefs! Learn to prepare delicious meals as well as appetizers and desserts.


Yoga & Meditation Club: Want to relieve stress in a healthy way? Plan on attending our Yoga & Mediatation club to follow videos on Yoga, Meditation, relax, and meet new people.


Creative Writing Club: Do you like to write stories? Come develop that skill and share your writing and meet new friends.


Spelling Bee Club: Learn skills to improve your spelling and compete with others to demonstrate you’re spelling abilities.


Fashion & Jewelry Club: Are you interested in the world of Cosmetology? Learn about Hair Braiding, Up dos and design and make your own clothes,  jewelry to wear or to sell.


Comic Book Club: This club is dedicated to the love of comic books. Come read and share your thoughts on various comic books.


Nature Lovers Club: Learn about outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and survival techniques.


Open Mic Club: The Drama Club gives students an opportunity to express themselves, to be creative and to get a little silly without being judged! We learn about Entertainment skills like; singing and acting.


Junior Police Explorers Program: Explore the field of Criminal Justice and a future career as a police officer.


Wise Girls: This group emphasizes life skills, health, volunteerism, financial literacy and career options to prepare girls for future educational opportunities, nontraditional careers, and leadership opportunities.


Man Up: This program works with young men to learn life skills by working with gentlemen in the community who have had interesting life perspectives.


Rocketeers Club: 3,2,1… Blast Off!!! Learn about the world of Rocket Science by building various styles of real rockets that you get to blast into the sky.


Runners Club: 6th Graders Interested in long distance running. Join the Runners club.


Girls on the Run: This program is for 8th grade girls called Girls On The Run: Heart and Sole. It’s a really awesome program where girls train for a 5K and also learn social skills, confidence building, and self respect from a research based curriculum. This program is at several schools and there is a big 5K that all the girls around Des Moines run in on November 14th.


Voices to be Heard: This group is for students who have parents or family members who are incarcerated. The group recognizes the struggle of being left behind when a loved one goes to jail and is a safe place for students to talk with other kids who are in the same situation.